Dr. Sangeeta Bhattacharyya

Dr. Sangeeta Bhattacharyya

Scientist (Ag. Extension)

Ms. Sangeeta Bhattacharyya completed her B.Sc. Agriculture Hons. from Visva Bharati University, West Bengal, India and was also the Topper of the batch 2010-2014. She secured All India Rank 10th in ICAR-JRF Examinations 2010 for pursuing M.Sc. Her M.Sc. is in Agricultural Extension Education from ICAR-National Dairy Research Institute, Karnal, Haryana in India where she was the Second Topper in the University and Silver Medallist of the batch 2014-2016. She was granted Merit Fellowship in under graduation, ICAR-NDRI fellowship in her post graduation. In her M.Sc. she worked on “Conceptualisation and Standardisation of Indicators for Evaluating Model village in farming Perspective” and received Best Thesis Award for it. She is pursuing her Ph.D. at Division of Agricultural Extension, ICAR-Indian Agricultural Research Institute, Pusa, New Delhi- 110012, India where she was a UGC - JRF fellowship holder for qualifying the UGC NET-JRF examination in the subject of Adult Education and Continuing Education in December 2015. She was selected in the Agricultural Research Service (ARS) Examination as Scientist in ARS 2016 Batch to serve Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR). She joined ICAR as ARS Scientist on 04th January, 2019 and after completion of FOCARS Training in 109 Batch at ICAR-NAARM, Hyderabad, she joined ICAR-Central Citrus Research Institute on 15th April, 2019 as her first posting. She has research interests in the field of extension, rural development, socio economic impact assessment, training and HRD. She has 11 research papers in reputed national journals and several popular articles, book chapters and technical reports to her credit. Also she has co-authored a book titled "A Treasure Trove on Extension Education" comprising of MCQs to crack competitive examinations like UGC-NET-JRF, ICAR-SRF, ARS-NET. Currently she is working on the project titled "Adoption and Impact assessment of ICAR-CCRI Technologies in Vidharbha Region of Maharashtra" and is also associated with active dissemination of farm advisory through mobile SMS to citrus growers of Central India.

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