Analytical Services

Diagnostic service for citrus greening Disease

Procedure for sample submission ( for testing against Citrus greening HLB bacterium):

  • Samples should be collected from symptomatic areas/branches of the (citrus) trees.
  • Samples should consist of short sections(4-6 inches or greater) of symptomatic branches with the attached leaves. If fruits are present on the branches, the fruit can either be left on or they can be trimmed off. If the fruits are trimmed off, please leave the fruit stem on the sample (i.e. trim the fruit off as close to the button as possible leaving the stem on the branch).
  • If a variety of symptoms are present, the preferred samples (in order of preference) would be:
    • Branches with blotchy mottled leaves.
    • Branches with leaves that have either green islands on a yellow background or yellow islands on a green background.
    • Branches that contain shoots that are almost entirely yellow.
    • Branches with nutrient deficiency that have a “rabbit ear” appearance (small, upright leaves)
    • Branches with leaves that show cholorsis and “vein corking”.
    • Branches with zinc and/or iron deficiencies that are not related to any known causes.
  • Place the leaves/twigs into a sealable (e.g. zip-lock) plastic bag and keep the sample cool and out of the sunlight.

Sample handing and shipping

  • Each sample should be in an individual sealable plastic bag (zip lock)
  • Samples should be kept cool and out of direct sunlight until shipping (i.e cooler with ice, cooler or box w/o ice kept in the shade, etc.).
  • If possible, the samples should be shipped or hand delivered the same day that they are collected. If the same day shipment/delivery is not possible, samples should be shipped/delivered the following day provided the samples are kept cool (but not frozen)

Charges for diagnostic service

Numer of samples Cost per sample (PCR) Cost per sample (Real Time PCR)
1-10 ₹ 1000 ₹ 3500
11-50 ₹ 900 ₹ 3200


Root Stock Identification service

In this service, the follpwing rootstocks were identified: Rangpur lime, Rough lemon, Alemow, Trifoliate, Galgal, and Sour orange

The price for identification of Citrus rootstock through conventional PCR is ₹ 1000 per sample

Terms and conditions for sample submission

  • Sample should be preferable from newly emerged leaves.
  • Sample should be either from citrus rootstock seedling or from mother tree, if it is from grafted tree, it should be from the offshoot of the stock region.
  • Each samples should be minimum of 5 grams.
  • Samples should reach the centre within 48 hrs of collection in a ziplock bag.
  • Each sample should be labelled clearly and separately, if multiple samples are sent.
  • The results are available within 15 days from day of sample received.
  • Any other changes in the terms and conditions will be duly updated on the website


Soil Testing

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Form for the application to submit the samples