Dr.(Mrs.) N. Vijayakumari

Dr.(Mrs.) N. Vijayakumari

Principal Scientist (Horticulture)

Dr. (Mrs) Vijayakumari Narukulla obtained her PhD from IARI, New Delhi in the Horticulture, Olericulture (Vegetable breeding) Genetics and Pomology in 1990. She is an alumni of ANGRAU, Hyderabad and IARI, New Delhi and joined as a scientist at NRCC, Nagpur in 1991. She had contributed significantly for Citrus Improvement Programs in the fields of Varietal Improvement through Clonal Selection & Sanitation, Introduction & Quarantine of Exotic Germplasm, and Micro-budding of Citrus .She has also worked on Mutation breeding, Hybridization and Salinity screening.

She was instrumental in developing research facilities viz., full fledged Tissue culture laboratory, Molecular Markers Laboratory, 13 Green Houses, Field and Protected foundation blocks etc at NRCC,Nagpur. She has successfully standardized protocols of (i) “in-vitro shoot tip grafting (STG)”,(ii) Double grafting, (iii) Micro budding (iv) In vitro regeneration protocols of important citrus scions and rootstocks and (v) worked on molecular markers.

The STG based protocol is being successfully used at NRCC for ‘Large Scale Production and supply of disease free planting stock of Nagpur Mandarin’. About 4.5 Lakh budlings were supplied to farmers/ nursery men from all over the country till now and a revenue of Rs.199 lakhs was generated. This technology is being adopted by all the Citrus growing regions of the country. Cleaned 23 citrus exotic cultivars and widened the citrus gene pool . Micro-budding technology had facilitated shortening of citrus nursery phase and resulted in savings in costs and time. Currently she is working on polyploidy manipulation for seedlessness.

Signed 6 consultancy MOUs with private agencies for the transfer of technology on STG, Micro budding and High tech citrus nursery for many fold increase in availability of quality planting material to farmers.

Contributed to release of 3 promising citrus cultivars (USA-145 pummelo, Cutter valencia and Flame Grapefruit) from CCRI, Nagpur.

Mrs Vijayakumari was a recipient Dr. Harbhajan Singh award and a gold medal for the year 1991.She was conferred the prestigious ICAR award ‘‘Dr. Punjabrao Deshmukh Outstanding Woman scientist Award’’ for the year 2011. She Received HSI fellowship in 2014 from National Academy of Horticultural Sciences. Recipient of Shri. Giridhari Lal Chadha memorial gold medal in fruit from National Academy of Horticultural Sciences. She has got 70 publications in reputed National /International journals and symposiums etc., and was awarded several best poster awards.

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Standardization of in-vitro shoot tip grafting technique for elimination of virus and virus like diseases from Nagpur mandarin, Indian J. Hort. 51:311-315.(1994)


Standardization of micro budding technique in citrus, Indian J. Hort.60(2)127-130.(2003)


Elimination of CTV and Greening pathogens through in vitro grafting from citrus exotic germplasm, Indian J. Agri. Sci. 76 (3):209-10.


Effect of growth regulators on somatic embryogenesis, morphogenesis and plantlet regeneration of C. reticulata vs Nagpur mandarin, Indian J. Hort. 54(4):294-298. (2001)


Shoot tip grafting with growth regulators for virus elimination in Nagpur mandarin, Indian J. Agri. Sci. 70(6):300-363.(2000)

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